sex sells

Sex Sells #56

I have to warn you now, the SEX SELLS Series is soon coming to an end. I have to wrap some things up before we move back to the US, and it seems that after over a year of exhibiting the commercial world trying to be sexy, the time has nearly come for our final sexy advert. After today, there are just two more weeks left.

For today’s shameless commercial we are returning to the world of “food-porn”, which is undeniably disturbing and can have the strange effect of actually putting us off food all together. Supermarket giants Marks & Spencer nailed “food-porn” because they made it about delicious food, eating food, yum-yum! Other advertisers have made food too much about sex and it is more yuck-yuck than anything else!

Here we have an advert for fruit smoothies from Swisse Me – which left me speechless. I suspect this never made it to daytime television! You will never see smoothies in the same way.

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