I had an operation a couple of weeks ago. I have been exhausted ever since. Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. I have managed to churn out some work for my boss. I am doing it because it is great to have something to keep my mind occupied. My boss knows I am recovering from surgery, and as far as she is concerned, I should not be thinking about work at all.

Although the surgery did remove the majority of the naughty lump in my back, I will have to start some other treatment next month. That is going to effect our plans big-time. We knew this was a possibility, we were just hoping for the best.

Our close friends are all offering support and we know that there are lots of possible solutions to a situation where we have to move out of our current home before I can travel over to Chicago. There are still some questions and decisions ahead of us, which are not going to be easy.

I am just overwhelmingly tired right now. It would be good for me to write about it, but right now, I just want to sleep.

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Then sleep Jenna, rest and allow your body to heal and your mind to still. Everything else will still be there when you wake and you can deal with it as and when you feel you are able. Huge hugs to you my most gorgeous Miss Pink, I am worried about you, but I know you’re strong and resilient and you will come out the other side of this victorious and ready to move on. Sending you all my strength and thoughts darling girl. xxx

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It’s your body’s way of taking what it needs to recover honey, sometimes the recovery process after surgery takes longer to get over than the illness and surgery itself. You need to remember that the healing process is starting from a weakened stand point already. You were poorly before the surgery and so your strength was already depleted. If you listen to your body and give in to its demands to sleep you will heal much more quickly than if you fight it. xxx


Listen to your body Jenna. One thing I have learned this year is to listen to my body as truthfully it knows better than I what it actually needs. For so often I have said no I can do this and it turns out the worse for it. Soft big Canadian Bear hug πŸ™‚

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All the best for your recovery Jenna. As others have commented, listen to your body, and listen to you doctor/therapist. Rest for now, then when instructed, slowly easy into your physiotherapy.
Most of all, let yourself be loved and cared for. We all have that urge to do it ourselves, “I’m OK”, “Don’t fuss over me!”, etc. Most of us grew up with “It’s better to give than receive”, but it took me a long time to learn that it’s just as important to accept in love, acknowledging the love of the giver.

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Thank you so much for your helpful advice.
I have gone from super-active, to pretty pathetic in a matter of months. But I am so grateful for all the health professionals who have been wonderful, and for the support of lovely friends…and my wonderful Ben.


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