I don’t want any distance, any division, any difference to cause the two of us to weaken our bond.

I don’t want stress, tension, challenges to cause us to grow weary of each other.

I want to stay close to you, because you mean so much to me. I want to be right here with you, with my arms around you, so you never doubt the huge warmth in my heart for you.

You make me smile every day. You make my pulse race every day. You make me glow inside….every single day.

I know we both have a lot on our minds. I know we sometimes come across areas where we think differently. But I don’t want that to ruin something that means so much.

I love you.

I love you and all the mountains and oceans and deserts in the world are no barrier to how close I want to feel to you.

I want to be this close always.


Here is a little surprise for you….I really hope it works!!

18 replies on “Distance”

Wow! Thanks for the shout out!! I love that you are going to do podcasts.
The song didn’t play on your blog, but it played on Spotify.
But I couldn’t get enough of you Pinkette!! Awesome!

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OMG Miss PINK!!! You have the most gorgeous voice!! It was so lovely to listen to you! I really enjoyed the poem, hearing you bring it alive gave it so much more. I’m going back later to listen to the other podcasts! Congrats Darling girl! You’re a natural xxx

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Hi Gemma
It was fun to put them together. Ben was laughing at me when I was recording them though. But he helped me. He suggested publishing one once a week, but recording them in advance in case I am too poorly to face it. Well, we botched that right off!!! lol – but I am going to try to advertise one post a week on my blog, as if it is the new episode.

It’s something fun to work on. I need distractions.

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