Let’s Get Real!

In the past few years, advertisers have been making more of an effort to bring in diversity into their marketing campaigns. Essentially, they have done this for their own interests. They recognize that if their target audience does not identify with their advertising, if they don’t feel represented, then they are unlikely to win their custom.

I find it refreshing, and I am sure many do to see models in commercials that so much more like real women. I say “real” and that is not to say that the typical tall, slim, usually white models that have traditionally dominated the front pages of glossy glamour magazines for decades are not real. Hey, I am tall, white, dark blonde hair and now thinner than I want to be because of illness. I am still a real woman. But the point is….we are all different. There is not one ideal we should all be aiming for. We want to be healthy and happy as can be. We want to be appreciated as beautiful for who we are, not the measurement of our waist!

Let’s get real!! Women come in all shapes and sizes, in all sorts of beautiful shades and colours. Some of us have body parts missing, either from birth or due to illness – limbs, breasts. Many of us are not truly happy with our physical features, because we tend to compare ourselves with that goddamn perfect woman the media seem to thrust under our noses on billboards, in movies, on magazine covers, posters – oh every where we turn. She is flippin’ unhelpful when it comes us feeling beautiful or attractive.

Most of us learn as we grow older that to be anything like that perfect woman, we would have to spend a fortune on cosmetics, false eyelashes, hair products, gym membership, and probably cut our calorie intake to a fraction – which is likely to make us generally broke and bad tempered. For the most “applauded” shape, very uncomfortable completely unsexy body contouring underwear is the only solution.

Let’s get real! We want to be ourselves. We want to be proud of our body, our skin, our bulges, our wrinkles – we want to be able to be able to walk with our heads held high and not worry about comparing ourselves to any fake image which has very likely been touched up by a graphic designer.

The reality is – and we all know it, but so quickly forget it – real beauty is something that develops within – the most appealing, the most attractive qualities have nothing to do with cosmetics, working out, dieting – they are all about how we treat others, how we make others feel. Kindness, respect, humility, goodness, generosity – love – the reality is they are the most beautiful aspects of humans – male or female.

In the real world – it’s how we make someone else feel that they will remember. If they are the kind of person who is more effected by a physical outward display, than they are by the way we behave – well, it’s kinda sad.

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It’s refreshing to see ‘real’ women in commercials nowadays. Just yesterday we drove past a huge billboard showing a woman’s bottom, wearing a string. I told my husband the bottom looks like mine, full of cellulite dimples! I love adverts like that 🙂
~ Marie xox

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