sex sells

Sex Sells #57

This is the penultimate post in the SEX SELLS Series. Although Carl’s Jnr could have kept the series going for at least another year, their commercials make me feel too nauseous to consider that. This week, I have picked one of my favourite forms of chocolate treat from childhood. I loved a dark chocolate Cadbury’s Bounty – the ones with the red wrapper.

When I think of Cadburys, I think of rushing into the local newsagents with school friends to buy a chocolate treat. As a child we ate and ate chocolate without worrying about what it would do to our waistline. But for many adults, we have to make sure we are careful about what we eat.

That is why it genuinely surprises me at times that some of Cadbury’s marketing campaigns are so overtly sexy. Here are three of their adverts, I picked the middle one because of that close up on the zipper revealing her cleavage – what the heck? It is too bizarre.

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