Did You Notice?

I know some of you did!!!

On Saturday, I launched the first episode of PINKETTE’S PODCASTS, which are available on my blog and on Spotify. The first one was a little rough and ready, I grant you, but it was fun to put together.

My first podcast included a reading of my post “Distance”, and a couple of little messages from me, before I concluded with a Christina Peri song. You can listen to it right here on WordPress or on the Spotify App.

We realized that it is only in Spotify that you can listen to the music connection we featured. However, for some reason you only hear a sample of the song. So, if you like the sound of the song, I think we need to make sure you have the option of listening to a YouTube video of our song choice. This week’s song was called “Distance” from the awesome Christina Perri.

I was playing around with sound effects, and I guess it is fair to say I have a lot to learn and that I need more practice.

We have pre-recorded six episodes (and also a special edition for Song Lyric Sunday), but from now on I am going to produce a podcast each week, advertising one episode each Saturday. The idea is for them to be short and sweet. I don’t want to take up hours of your free time. The idea is that you can listen with a cup of coffee. It’s something fun for me to be enthusiastic about during a time when I am having to rest a lot more than I am happy about.

It felt good to use Spotify to create some more fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Don’t think I will be reading all of them David. I will send you an email. We have been given lots of info, but I am still wondering about some of the meds the GP has been issuing prescriptions for. The anti-nausea one particularly is bamboozling me.

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