Pinkette’s Podcasts – Episode 2

Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback over my first podcasts. I published Episode One a week ago, and so I thought maybe I will make Saturdays podcast publishing day.

Pinkette’s Podcasts are a project I can produce and schedule in advance. For some reason talking into a microphone is less tiring than writing poetry, fiction or personal accounts. I have some ideas for fresh writing projects, but while I am having to rest a lot more, and my concentration is not great at the moment. For the moment, I am reading some of my older posts. Thank you for requests. It’s

So this week’s episode is called “Sweet Escape”. It contains another live reading and musical connection.

My friends have told me that they can only hear the music track we include at the end if they have the Spotify App, and only a 20-30 second sample. I think I still have a lot to learn about making podcasts! In the meantime, YouTube never lets me down!!! We chose the incredible Gwen Stefani, with her track “The Sweet Podcast” for this week’s song choice.

Ben is going to help me with my podcasts. The first six we did, he had some ideas which we used. But I think we need maybe a little more of a rethink about what we could do in a podcast that would be more interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I am not going to stress about them….but while it remains fun…we will keep developing ideas and recording. Thank you so much for your support!

11 replies on “Pinkette’s Podcasts – Episode 2”

Hey May, the podcasts have been fun. Gentleman Dave gave me the idea. We had some fun recording a few episodes a couple of weeks ago. I will try to do some more when I have the energy for it. Easier than writing at the moment.


Hope you are feeling better. I apparently stopped “following” you…..silly me, ‘i fixed that and am catching up on your podcasts!


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