sex sells

Sex Sells #58

This week is our very last post in the Sex Sells series. Over the past year, I have featured over fifty commercials in the SEX SELLS series, some very clever examples of marketing teams using sex to create desire for their products, and some terrifyingly cringe-fest examples.

For the most part the classic advertisers were those who created the masterpieces – Cadburys Milk Tray, Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee and Boddingtons Ale are amongst the cream of the sexy adverts. And who could forget the audacious Jean Paul Gautier? We have seen all sorts of sectors try to get in on the SEX SELLS approach, from opticians to plumbers, from computer software giants to tyre manufacturers – and a lot of perfume and liquor outfits have shamelessly made their commercials as sexy as can be.

Throughout the series I have been trying to hold back one of my own favourites when it comes to sexy advertising. This one I love – the music, the concept, the humour, the role reversal Cinderella plot, and the moment that she finds him! Could this be one of the sexiest moments in advertising history?

Levis 501 tried sexy in several of their adverts…and you know what – they nailed it!!! This one absolutely nailed sexy advertising!!! We love it!

I hope you have enjoyed the SEX SELLS Series as much as we have!!

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