Singing Sex #49

As I have mentioned before, I have decided to conclude the SINGING SEX series as well as some of the other regular features from the RASPBERRY RIPPLES blog, because my energy levels have been dwindling due to health issues. So that left me in a panic over which songs to make sure I included in the series.

Hopefully, I have managed to pick some of the sexiest songs from decades of SEXY SINGING. But now it is time to pick two of my favourites. This week, I have picked a song about a essentially craving for someone so much that you get into your car and drive all night long just to be with them – to make love to them.

Why do I love this song so much? Well, besides the fact it is such a brilliant brilliant track, it brings back lots of memories of singing in the back of the car with friends. So perhaps it is due to the very personal connection, I just had to make sure that the phenomenal Cyndi Lauper singing “I Drove All Night” made it in to the SINGING SERIES.

Next week I am going to reveal the track that for me hits the nail on the head when it comes to SINGING SEX!

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