My Real Life Chris

When my friend Mel was writing what would become the third book in her romantic series, she shared a lot with me. I was very enthusiastic to read about her main character Annabelle. I saw so much of Mel in Annabelle, but I also saw someone else. Mel had warned me already and asked me how I felt about being a source of inspiration for her protagonist. It was actually very moving to me. It revealed to me how very well Mel knew me.

But Mel’s books contained a character that I was drawn to right from the start. Mel says a lot of people have sad the same. Other than bad boy Dean, she said the biggest reaction she hears back from everyone is how much they love Chris.

Unless you happen to have read Mel’s books, you don’t know who Chris is, so you probably don’t know what I am talking about. But throughout all three books, the friendship between Chris and Annabelle is a joy to read about. I don’t want to drop any spoilers but Mel’s books are well worth a read.

I sometimes feel I have found my real life Chris. I had no idea I needed a Chris in my life. But the real life Chris just came along, out of the blue, and ever since, I have understood Annabelle’s story so much more.

I know this may not be making much sense. Annabelle is a fictional character, from the imagination of a real writer, inspired by real people. Chris is a fictional character, and Mel has always said she does not know who inspired his character. (Her other characters are all inspired by real people she knows.)

When I told Mel that I felt as if I had a real life Chris in my life, she smiled. She understood exactly what that means. I know you don’t…but maybe one day, you will know why you remind me so much of Chris.

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