Singing Sex #50

This is the final week (for now) of the SINGING SEX series on RASPBERRY RIPPLES. It is time to reveal my personal favourite sexy song. Ironically, it was one that I had never heard of until a friend shared it with me. I have been asking friends for suggestions for the SINGING SEX series for months, and this is a song that I discovered through another good friend of mine. I love it!!! Oh I love it too much!

I have started singing it to Ben, and when my back improves to the extent that I can enjoy dancing again, I intend to do more than sing to him with this song.

This track just has everything I would expect from a sexy song – and it is one that for me captures the whole spirit of this series. Liberty X with their fantastic track “Just A Little” – oh they tease, the flirt, they are on fire! There is latex, cleavage, and plenty of femdom, though the guys in this video who sadly don’t compete with the sexy ladies, but clearly have plenty of gun too. It is adrenaline pumping, it has a great beat, and it is so sexy!!!

Liberty X – you smashed SINGING SEX!!!

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