fantasy fiction

Sail Away

You and me…

…sailing away on the open sea…

…to a sheltered cove, where only the faintest breeze disturbs the sea. We can rest, soaking up the embers of the evening sun, letting sleep get the better of us.

I can tell when you are tired…and it is adorable. I can sense your breathing becoming slower and deeper, I know your body is craving to be asleep, and yet you fight it, feeling that you want to continue the conversation we were having. I smile as I hear you say, “I really like that turquoise of the sea.”

“I do too, it’s the kind of colour you just want to dive into.”

“Yeeeah,” you sigh and start to lose the battle to sleep again.

I close my eyes and a familiar dream starts to dance before my eyes. It’s that dream where we dance together on the sand under the moonlight. I am smiling to myself when I hear you mumble, “And sapphire, I love sapphire. It’s such a gorgeous shade of blue.”

I turn over onto my side to check if you are talking in your sleep. Carefully, I touch your hand. You open your eyes and taking my hand in yours, you squeeze gently.

Moving closer to you, I delicately kiss your cheek and whisper to you, “You are adorable – do you know that?”

That huge grin I know so well spreads across your face. I rest my head on your chest and you stroke my long hair. The warmth of the sun feels like a snug blanket. We both drift towards sleep, feeling content as we sense we are not alone. There is a friend right here, who brings along with them rest and peace and contentment. It’s a beautiful gift.

This friendship means the world to me.

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