Pinkette’s Podcasts – Episode 5

The evening Ben helped me to record our first podcasts, we found they were live on Spotify within about half an hour of us submitting them for review. So as soon as the first couple were out, we asked a couple of of our friends to listen to them. I ended up with a panel of three who gave us instant feedback, and started issuing requests for me to read some of the posts they remember on my blog.

My very good friend asked me to read a post I wrote about a year ago. She and I were part of an entertainment show that helped with fund-raising for charities. So the song I mentioned in this post brings back some great memories.

This is Peggy Lee’s cover of the brilliant track. She sings and sighs so well. “The Boy From Ipanema”.

Have an amazing weekend, whatever you get up to!

Thank you for listening. ❤

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