November’s FLIRTY FUN


How do you feel about climate change?

I was considering pressing pause on the FLIRTY FUN series for a while (simply because I am very tired after the surgery and treatment I have had and I am sleeping so many hours of the day), but there is so much going on in the world that is of interest to me. I miss hearing the views and feelings of others at work. So, I wondered about other bloggers.

  • How do you feel about the subject of climate change in general?
  • Do you feel confident that humanity can make changes to avoid rising temperatures?
  • Do you feel optimistic about the outcome of political “leaders” meeting at COP26?

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Well….of course I am hugely concerned that the political and commercial elements of this system have brought so much harm to this planet – and of course the lifestyles of billions accumulated has harmfully effected our climate. But the point is it is the political and commercial system that have largely influenced people’s way of life, aspirations, attitudes.

It also concerns me greatly that most the major religious teach people that earth is just some sort of testing ground and that the real life starts when you die and float off to another realm. Besides that being non-scriptural, it has also influenced the view many people have of the earth.

Our planet, our beautiful incredible planet is the perfect home for humans – it is the most wonderful gift. We are not looking after it properly. I think the whole system needs to change, and we all need healthier lifestyles.

I suspect that at some point these leaders will realize that they have no choice but to put imbue more power and authority in an international agency such as the UN, perhaps because they realize they are losing their own power to bring about the changes they want. Ultimately…we need a much better form of rulership. A world government in the hands of someone who cares, and who has the power and wisdom to shepherd mankind and help them to thrive, and to teach them to care for this earth and the rest of creation in a way that all thrive.

I think a lot of hot air will be spoken in Glasgow. I can sense there are some individuals and agencies who care passionately and want speedy and perhaps radical changes. I also sense there are those dragging their feet. They seem to embody the “How do you take a part a jumbo jet in mid-flight and reassemble it?” argument.

Ultimately, those who are ruining the earth will be brought to ruin themselves.


Mel I don’t know if you know but there is a COP26 Youtube channel so you can watch/listen live. At 1:30pm today on the schedule they are going to look at whether religions are doing enough to influence people to view protecting the earth’s climate as an urgent priority. I think it might be quite interesting, for exactly the reasons you said. So many religions don’t teach the truth about the earth.


On the first point, I have been very concerned for a long time. My first paid employment was working for Friends Of The Earth and I got my eyes opened about some things before many people did. I drive a Diesel vehicle, but HVO100 is starting to be sold in Belgium. As soon as a Fuel station within a reasonable distance starts selling it (the closest one to me at the moment is 80 Kilometres away), I am going to switch to that instead of Diesel. I have worked out that it will cost me around 40 Euros a month more, in a normal month’s usage, as the price is higher than Diesel. But I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is.

Of course humanity CAN make changes, I think that the real question is, WILL humanity make those changes in time?

I am hoping COP 26 will be more action than hot air, but I would not say that I am overly optimistic


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I think what you said is so interesting, because at the end of the day nobody in their right minds wants to see climate change get worse. Nobody wants to see nature ruined, or to see more catastrophic events caused by extreme weather. But everyone has their calculator out and is scared by the cost of change – from governments to businesses to parents trying to just do their best to rear their family.

We were listening to a lot of COP26 last week, but I started to feel deflated about it towards the end of the week. I think the kind of clean sweep we need is bigger than anything they are suggesting.


I think people want change. I think business worries about the cost of change. I think some of these rulers might want to pledge change, but they are also frightened that when business and people start to complain about the costs, they will lost their power and someone else will be voted in. A perpetual cycle.

The only solution – God’s Kingdom – clean sweep – a ruler with the power and the love to bring about permanent change.

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I feel angry in some ways. I think the past century, the past few centuries, there has just been so much abuse. Well, I guess for a lot of human history really. But it is upsetting that at a time when technology can do so much, they still have not fixed this mighty mess of pollution – it is just crazy.
I feel angry about the world leaders who are not there, who are not acting as if this is urgent. I feel angry that profit is put before everything else. I am so tired of all the talk and not enough action. I don’t feel optimistic about Cop26. I don’t. I think it’s good they are talking, but I don’t trust them.

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I sincerely believe that these leaders have been allowed a temporary responsibility and they are accountable for their decisions.
I have hope that this earth and peace-loving mankind have a bright future. But those ruining the earth and seeking their own interests – I don’t think they have a future.

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Let’s look at a practical approach. I have been living in cities with serious air pollution issues for decades, and the root of these issues directly affects climate change. Therefore, I am a huge fan of electric cars, buses, and any other forms of clean transportation. Clean energy is a good solution. Let’s focus our technology on improving all clean energy and electric vehicles – making 100% green cities like Dubai. Let’s set target goals of 100% green cities in three years, not ten or twenty or “some time in the future.” The future is now and necessary. Yes, it takes money, but if the ones who have money care, they might do something about it. Politicians would make the decisions, and the funds would come.

And since your climate change post is “flirty fun”…. I might ask the question that begs a flirty answer, “What is the most romantic thing to do that relates to climate change solutions?” There are so many little things we can do, but my favorite is going out together into nature. Hiking, picnicking, or just lying together in nature and breathing it in. Another that might be fun is planting some trees together. Getting dirty, working together, laughing, playing, and gardening. Sounds like a strange date, but little things done for our world make a big difference.


Green cities are a great start. I think changes on a much bigger scale than they are currently talking about are needed. At the moment the whole system is designed around commercialism. But really, we need to be less about making and selling a product to gain a profit. We need to be about looking after what we already have, being more content, repairing, restoring, caring for what we have. The commercial system is not healthy.

I really do love your ideas for green dating. Hiking, picnic-ing and laying down to watch the stars are all wonderfully romantic.

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