Pinkette’s Podcasts – Episode 6

Here in England – it is getting colder and darker every day. But we are re-visiting summertime in this week’s episode of Pinkette’s Podcasts. The temperature is rising. Hugh Grant (the blogger, not the actor) asked me to read one of my posts called “Summer Nights”. (He also asked me to read a bunch of other posts which I am too embarrassed to read aloud!)

The song choice for this week….well Jason Derulo’s sexy song pipped John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to the post. Jason totally captures the feeling of not being able to sleep because of the heat, and because there is somebody on your mind!

If you are partying this weekend, have fun and stay safe. We are going to take it easy. Ben has just had his last day at work. So now, he is able to take me each day for the rest of my “mee-cro-wahvay” treatment…and finish off with all we need to do before we move out of this house.

Busy days!

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