I wanted to share a little more of my WordPress blogsite with you. I am not finding it easy to concentrate or to be creative since I started to weaken physically. But I do like to look back over my creative writing from the past year.

When I started writing I was not expecting to find I had a little poetic streak. Perhaps “poetic” is not the right word. I seem to lean a lot more towards rhyme, and I love rhyme that captures some comedy or catches you by surprise.

When I tried to make some changes to my blog so it was easier to navigate, I created a page in my menu to feature my poems:

For some reason, I find it harder to write from the heart with rhyme. When I want to express deeper sentiments, I seem to write in more of a letter or journal style.

I have written a number of raunchy rhymes, and I have had so much fun doing so. In fact so much of my poetry is infused with fun or a naughtiness. It is great to know I have a creative outlet that I really find fun – raunchy rhymes!

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