You Make Me Feel…

I love the way you look at me…that smouldering gaze of yours…the way you peel away my clothes with your eyes, exploring every inch of me.

I love the way you talk to me….that appealing tone of yours…the way you quicken my pulse, warm my blood, stir fire in my bones….your words incite in me a burning desire.

I love the way you touch me…that prowling, teasing, lurid stroking of yours….the way you find parts of me I hardly knew were there, and cause them to tremble, explode and dissolve.

You make me feel like the sexiest diva who ever strutted across this world stage. You make me feel like a seductress who can command mighty men and bring them to their knees. You make me feel like I am the woman of your wildest dreams.

That means a helluva lot when my strength is failing and I cannot stay awake for more than three hours. It’s wonderful to be loved by you.

12 replies on “You Make Me Feel…”

Jeezue Jenna. I did not need this today. Tears. I want this!! I want this so bad and then I want ice cream when I’m having a bad day and like foot rubs and like for him to let me love him too and…


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