fantasy fiction

Just To Hold Your Hand

In my dreams, I walk through the deep dark forest, scrambling over knotty twisted roots. I wade through freezing gushing rivers. I climb over crumbling rocky ledges and across mountain ranges that make me dizzy.

I march on through the desert, wondering if I am in pursuit of a mirage. The scorching heat of the day, the blistering sand underfoot, the dire loneliness as I forge onwards with my quest.

The darkness of night falls and I look up to the stars above and draw inspiration. The connection the sky holds…the belief you gaze upon the same constellations.

It’s a journey I started, without awareness it would be such an epic voyage. The destination holds such sweet promise, such comforting reward. When I think I will falter and my will cave in I remember how far I have come. It doesn’t matter when the day comes…it will come.

One day, I know I will hold your hand.

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