Pinkette’s Podcasts – Episode 7

This week, I am featuring the last of the current series of Pinkette’s Podcasts. It was great fun recording these shows. But I have been so exhausted since I began my meecrowahvey treatment, I have not had the energy to record any more. Ben is encouraging me to do some more. He knows how much fun it was to do the first eight episodes (yes eight – there was a special addition for Song Lyric Sunday a few weeks ago).

One of my the blogging beauties who heard my first podcast asked me if I would read a post I wrote earlier this year., called “Nom De Plume”. I loved this post. It was so much fun to put together.

The song I close in this episode is called “Queen” and it is by Loren Gray. I hope you have fun listening to the story and the music.

Thank you so much for your support with my first series of Pinkette’s Podcasts. I hope to be able to do some more recording and present you with more stories, poems and music.

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