He Worked In Marketing

In a slimline blue suit that hugged every inch

His buttocks looked so pert, I just had to pinch

He turned round and grinned, gave me a cheeky wink

Then whispered to me that he loved workplace kink

I’m a go-getter who likes to be naughty

With hot buns aged between thirty to forty

I like to lure them in, they can’t resist my wiles

Have them on my desk, on top of legal files

So here I am sharing my secrets with y’all

I’ve had so many temps, their names I don’t recall

But whether it was Jeff, Nick, Phil, Craig or Rob

It always livened up a boring desk job!

4 replies on “He Worked In Marketing”

I wrote this ages ago Bucharoo. I have not been inspired with many naughty rhymes recently. At one stage someone suggested I should publish a raunchy rhyme book and market it as a kinky gift. I would not have the energy for a project like that now.

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