Singing Sex Series

I have decided to make Tuesdays the day I share with you the features from my blogsite, which I tried to tame into some sort of order earlier this year.

The next page in my primary menu is dedicated to a series I featured every Thursday for about a year. If you look in my menu, you will see SINGING SEX SERIES:

I guess it’s mostly self-explanatory. I was featuring some of the sexiest, flirtiest songs – one a week. My page dedicated to this series provides you with a directory so you can find any of those songs, and the posts I published about them. What I love about this series is that so many other bloggers and friends contributed to it. It makes me smile.

You may also notice that I compiled a Spotify playlist to feature the series. Just another fun feature of my blog. At the end of the day, I wanted my blog to be a great mix of fun and all the other aspects of my personality. Sometimes I found myself becoming to intensely personal in my writing. My blog really needs these fun features to balance it out – don’t you think?

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