fantasy fiction

Let’s Be Twenty-Two

Why don’t we take some time off from being responsible, serious professionals, from being sensible, reliable adults. Why don’t you and I just go crazy this weekend?

I want to go out with you, on a whirlwind of adventure. I want to hang out somewhere fun and loud and wild. I want to drink beer and eat tacos with you. I want to skate with you on the boardwalk.

Let’s hit the funfair and scream as we are hurled upside down by rollercoasters. Press candy floss against my lips and then kiss it so it melts. Thrill me, make me laugh until I forget my tears.

Lay with me in the grass until the early hours of the morning. Tell me the names of all those constellations and whisper into my ear that you are crazy about me.

Just once, let’s be twenty-two and without any responsibilities. Take me right there underneath the stars. Take me to places I will remember for the rest of my life.

You will always be my friend…always my trusted reliable, responsible, romantic friend…but I am sure there was a time when we were twenty-two when we were wild and crazy and made love without a care in the world. It makes me laugh to think of you and I that way.

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