My Girl

Thank you for all the enquiries about Jenna’s health. We had a scare at the start of this week, but she was able to sit up in bed last night and eat something for the first time in a week. She is still in hospital under the care of an expert team. I read some of your personal messages to her. We are both touched by your interest. She is my treasure. Thank you to Melody for figuring out how to set me up to be able to write something here. Thank you to Annette for a title and a feature image – pink and priceless – like my girl. I will be showing this to Jenna later today.

24 replies on “My Girl”

Give her my love, she is a constant in my thoughts and I look forward to the day she comes bouncing back on here saying she’s all fixed, no more illness, just beautiful Miss Pink back doing what she does best.
It will happen, it must. xxx

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Dear Jenna – I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a tough time of it, but it sounds like you’re in the best hands. Get better soon my lovely and keep your chin up. You will get through these tough times, and it will make the good times that you have ahead of you taste all the sweeter xxxx

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