Song Lyric Sunday

I am taking you on a little guide to my blog site every Tuesday. Yes, I know it is not Sunday – don’t worry too much about the title of this post. It’s just that the next page in my primary menu is called: SONG LYRIC SUNDAY:

Many of you will already know this weekly blogging event. If you enjoy music, and like connecting with other bloggers, Song Lyric Sunday is one of the best music link-ups on WordPress.

I have tried where possible to choose sexy-ish songs. Some of Jim’s themes are not as sexy as others. I decided to publish a page with a directory of all my song choices for Song Lyric Sunday over the year or so that I have been taking part. As you will see from my page, I also put my song choices on a Spotify playlist.

It’s all been another fun part of my blog, and that is so important. I love being able to bring variety and balance to my blog.

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