While I Was Sleeping #5

To help me preserve my emotional health while my physical health is failing, Ben asked me to spend time…

…thinking about all of the things that make me smile, make me happy. He recommended trying to think of things I can enjoy now, even though I am ill, but also things that have added meaning and joy to my life in the past, and things I can daydream about being able to enjoy again in the future.


Today I am coming back to the present. There is something that I am extremely grateful for, and I owe particular thanks to one person for them:


They might not seem particularly sexy, but when you are ill for a long time, you start to grow in affection for cotton pyjamas….well, at least I have!

My loyal and wonderful friend Noo has been a huge support to me in many regards, but what I am especially grateful for is her popping to the department store near to where she lives and buying up cotton pyjamas from The White Company outlet. She is such a darling. I don’t think Ben would have known where to begin with shopping for nightwear for me….well, not the kind of skimpy attire he has bought in the past mainly consisting of thin strips of lace or silk and ribbons.

Everyone who is ill needs a friend to buy them cotton pyjamas. I am so blessed to have Noo who thinks of every possible need.

9 replies on “While I Was Sleeping #5”

When you are cheerful, healthy and mobile, episodes such as buying pajamas can go unnoticed, seem completely mundane and meaningless. But the situation changes and you suddenly realize that such beautiful and sexy thongs are not entirely appropriate, for example, in a hospital ward or just in the bed of a not very healthy person. At this moment, friends become especially important, ready not only to hang out with you in a bar or club, but also able to choose and buy pajamas for you and not only. It’s nice to know that you have such friends.


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