Saucy Secrets

I have some very close and trusted female friends who I would share almost anything with – except, for salacious saucy secrets. However, with a lover….isn’t it funny how things you would not dare tell anyone slip out.

It shows the level of trust within an intimate sexual relationship. You cannot really give your all in sex without revealing that you have had prior experience (or you have watched it on the internet!)

Simon shared secrets with me. My eyes were popping out as he shared his most extreme secrets with me. I think he realized what a baby I was. I told him about the nature of my relationship with Greg. Simon seemed surprised. There were things he had not tried.

Over the past three years, I have shared things with Ben….things I would not want anyone else to know. The trust I have in him, to be allowed to admit things I guess. I actually find it helps me to “confess”. Some of us have guilt issues.

He is not so keen to share all with me. But Ben has often said that there was not much to tell from his dating in his twenties. He had girlfriends, they had sex. He claims it was all fairly “standard stuff”. Do you think I should believe that?

What secrets is Ben hiding? I can keep a secret. Maybe once we are married, he will trust me enough to share his saucy secrets with me. He is shaking his head. It’s the blog isn’t it!!! How am I going to convince Ben that I would not publish any saucy secrets he shared with me online?

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I think Ben is right not to share everything – if we give everything up, we lose our own mystery and mystique. i have never shared everything with my partners, not because of anything nefarious, but because what’s the point?

Sometimes, honesty is not KEY to a successful relationship and by this l am not saying that opens the pathway to extra marital relationships and affairs, l simply mean that if you share everything, your partner can sub-consciously become threatened and more so by the sexual exploits and adventures of your past adventures.

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However, you have been with Ben for how long now? 3 Years? It’s about trusting his todays with you more than his yesterdays with someone else 🙂

If Ben feels that he wishes to tell you he will, and if he doesn’t, then it is not important.

Suze knew 90% of my life before her. She still doesn’t know the remaining 10% because she doesn’t need to.

She knew l was 100% with her when we were together and even now as merely friends, she knows she can trust on me 100%.


I think sometimes there are things we just don’t want to talk about anymore, things that happened, because it’s in the past. I know I haven’t told my husband everything, because some of those memories are not pleasant ones. So it can be seen as secrets, but I don’t view them as such…
~ Marie xox

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Usually what happened in our past was part of our ‘growing up’ it isn’t who we are now, and sometimes we are different with other people. I think A Guy is right, if Ben is 100% with you now, that is really the only part of his life you need concern yourself with. There is nothing wrong with feeling curious however, and I am sure he does trust you not to share what he would rather you didn’t via the blog.
Lots of love to you, thank you for always being so supportive, it’s mutual.


That is so true Posy. We all went through growing pains and shame. I totally agree that we may be a very different person from when we were “growing up” – although I am still not sure I have ever grown up.
Ben is truly accepting and supportive of me despite my weaknesses and imperfections. I feel so loved and so blessed. I like to have something to tease him about though. He teases me a lot.
❤ ❤ ❤


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