In recent weeks, I have been guiding you through the pages in my primary menu. Sometimes it is hard to keep a blog site organized. I copied a friend of mine who is super organized and has organized her foodie blog with menus. I think I ended up with more than double the pages she had, but I guess that is alright because I am maybe writing on a wider variety of subjects. I think the pages make sense of all those different subjects.

Today I am going to tell you about a page that I decided to call PERSONAL:

I never expected to end up writing so much about myself, my feelings, my experiences. I started writing with the intention of writing solely fiction and poetry. I am blaming Marie and May and other bloggers who host writing prompts, some of which really touch me and provoke all sorts of emotion and memories.

It is good though. It has been very good for me to look inwardly and articulate some deep feelings, perhaps repressed feelings. My personal posts cover quite a lot of different subjects: relationships, challenges, dreams, gratitude, fears, self-analysis and my affections, my passions, my desires, and ultimately the love I feel inside for people, planet and a purpose that gradually life has drawn me towards. In a sense, it is through my personal posts that anyone would really get to know me.

A blogger said to me yesterday that he thought I had changed over the course of my year of so of writing. I think he is right. I think I have changed since I began to write. There is nothing quite like forming a sentence, a paragraph, a post and then reading it back. Sometimes I have looked at it and asked myself if that is really the way I feel, and if I am happy about that. Through my writing I have been growing and changing and it has sharpened my view of my ideals and aspirations. I have learnt more about the person I want to be, in a sense the inner me that is sometimes suffocated by a lifestyle and a system that I don’t think really brings the best out of me.

Writing can be like a mirror into the deepest parts of your soul. I am so grateful that I have had the chance to write personal posts ad to share them with others. It has been one of the most rewarding parts of my blog.

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When you write about something personal, you, willingly or unwillingly, analyze your thoughts and your actions. Over time, you see what, maybe she was wrong, but on the contrary she did the right thing. In this way, you yourself can draw conclusions that allow you to be the best version of yourself.


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