December’s FLIRTY FUN


What or Who gives you inner strength?

I have been dealing with health challenges and some emotional challenges too over most of this year. But it sometimes seems that for every challenge, the strength comes from something, or someone that helps me meet the challenge.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but what I end up doing is remembering what or who strengthened me and being thankful that just at the right time the strength came.

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My husband is someone I can rely on when we face tough times. He is very good at maintaining gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy, even when we seem to be facing more than our fair share of challenges.


It’s surprising where that inner core strength comes from, we all think we can’t take anymore and then suddenly we find ourselves on the other side of it wondering how the hell we got there!
I know from my own personal experience, if I can’t draw from my own strength, I can draw from T, or my son. They have a wealth of mental and emotional strength between them and I find their calm acceptance of the situation reassuring. That usually gives me the extra little bit I need to put one foot in front of the other and carry on. xx

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When I can go out walking on the downs, I feel like my strength is renewing, and then I go back to work, and my strength is drained. I have to keep topping up by making time to clear my head and to remind myself of how amazing creation is. Even though the political and social and commercial framework completely suck. It’s like a seesaw Jenna – what God has made is beautiful. What humans have made is kak.

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I totally get how creation can imbue you with strength Bucharoo. I think that normally it does the same for me. At the moment, I am having to be content with photos and videos of creation. Human creations are not a scratch on God’s works.

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Probably family have helped me to develop a lot of inner security. Meeting so many people who have faced so many unimaginable challenges has helped me learn so much from others. Scriptures and prayers and the many times my prayers have been answered in the best way possible – it all helps. You know I have written about life being so much like a voyage at sea. All the training from others and personal experience help me to be more confident about the future. Storms are not fun. Being damaged by them can take time to recover from. But the trust it has built that storms do end, and the seas calm helps me have peace. Ultimately, I remember the perfect solutions to many challenges may only be in the future when wickedness has gone. It is amazing that we can thrive even now despite the challenges that abound.

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Kalpesh, this is a wonderful statement. My son is disabled and he too is so very active, has many interests and is studying photography as a new career direction since he ‘retired’ from playing wheelchair basketball a few years ago. I am always left in awe at his ability to forge forward in spite of the curve balls life throws at him. He never gets down or even angry with his lot. He picks himself up, brushes himself off and then looks for a different direction to go in. We could learn a lot from that kind of positive mental attitude. He is the strongest person I know too! 🙂 x

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I’ve never thought about it. I’ve been through stuff that was hard and just gritted my teeth and pressed on. Perhaps I accept that you have to expect the good times and the bad and that things get better. Sometimes there are things that you can do to change a situation, if there is nothing you can do to change it, then trying to stay positive and appreciate life’s pleasures is important. I am trying to be careful what I say because of the situation you are in, but I think you are very strong and have a lot of strong people around you.

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You have nice teeth Hugh!
It’s ok to say whatever you like Hugh, I have great filters on what would not apply in my present situation. But I like to gather the nuggets of wisdom and inspiration that others share.


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