Cabin Fever

I am staying indoors, and staying away from everyone except Ben. Well, Ben has decided that Noo is going to be allowed down here, but nobody else. It has been very cold since I moved in here, but when it is warmer I am looking forward to sitting outside on the little balcony or in our courtyard. Noo brought some of the flowering plants from our garden and has dotted them around the outside courtyard here….because she is a wonderful person.

He says that’s exactly what the advice he received at hospital (I don’t recall that conversation, but perhaps I was asleep during it) and now that there is all this news about the omicron variant. OMICRON!!! What! How long was I asleep for?

Perhaps I have not been keeping up to date with covid variants. I had it as:

Alpha – discovered in Kent, England

Beta – discovered in South Africa

Gamma – discovered in Brazil

Delta – discovered in India

….but then I seem to have lost touch with the march of the variants. Ben said he checked and there were variants for other letters, variants found in places like the USA, Peru, Columbia, Nigeria and the Philippines. Well, they clearly were not as concerning as this omicron variant.

And…on a side point directed to the media, if you are going to be naming things using the Greek alphabet, ask someone Greek how to pronounce these letters please!

So…Ben is going to be very precious about me staying away from anyone who might breathe on me, or touch me and pass on anything that will knock me right back into hospital.

Ben is also being careful. He is going to confine his interactions to the friends we are staying with, but he said he won’t be going to the pub or socializing with any other friends. I am glad that when I am sleeping, Ben can go upstairs and have some company. He always has stories and news to share with me when he comes back downstairs.

I don’t really mind. In all honesty, I am more tired than I can find the words to explain. But I can detect that I am missing daily interactions and conversations and that it is making me ever so slightly stir-crazy. Who knows what I might get up to down here?

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I am going to confess to you that I am completely ignorant on the subject of transformers. But Ben tells me that using Greek (or Latin) letters or words makes scientific peeps feel more intelligent. He says that the Greeks were after all the most intelligent of all races. Ben says to add that they still are.

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Thank you Marie. Most of the time I am blissfully content to be able to snuggle away down here. The tiredness is incredible. But every now and then I have a little burst of energy and want a change of scene. It wears off fairly quickly. Ben is great company. He is still good at making me laugh. I love it when Noo comes down for a cuppa too.

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