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My Lone Swan

Arching his wings he settled onto the warm waters of the lake. Surprised by a noticeable absence he ruffled his magnificent feathers. She was normally there waiting for him. Where was she?

As the sun hung low in the mournful sky, he waited in anticipation. There was no sign of her. Loud honks echoed across the water voiced by the cob. There was no response from his pen.

A cloak of thick darkness descended and the cob had no choice but to nest for the night. He missed the warmth of his loyal companion. Where could she be?

Day after day, night after night, fear crept into the cob’s heart. His pen must have been harmed. Where was she? If only he could go to her.

The cob decided to leave the safety of the lake to go in search for his pen. With an aching heart he flew far and wide, calling out to her as loud as he could, spying every body of water, and stream.

The cob lost track of time and distance. He forgot to eat and he was too anxious to rest. The autumn months gave way to winter. He was further north than he had ever ventured before. As his strength was consumed by the freezing wasteland, he bowed his beak in near despair and wept.

Alarmed as she saw her beloved still and frozen, she flew down to him and rubbed her beak against his. “My love,” she whispered, “Please be alright for me. Please open your eyes.”

She warmed him with her wings, she brought him grasses and leaves and implored him to eat. Slowly he began to revive and to realize his pen had returned.

The thaw dissipated, his heart began to beat loudly and passionately. Blood rushed through his body. He was so excited to be reunited with his faithful one.

His pen became urgent that they depart from the bitter blasts of cold wind. She led him through the channels of salt water and guided him back to the purer waters that would restore him.

“I thought you had been harmed. I thought I had lost you.”

“I was caught up in netting and could not escape. I was trapped there, wasting away. A warden found me and freed me. I was cared for at a wildlife centre until they were confident I could survive if they let me fly away. When you were not at our lake, I just knew you must have gone in search for me.”

“How did you find me my beloved pen?”

“My heart was guiding me…I was following your route, there were signs you had been to each lake and stream I descended upon. I could feel in my bones I was on the right track but knew you were heading into the iciest climbs. I was so scared that the cold would get to you before I did.”

His heart was swelling with love and gladness. The two set sail for the sunset together…and lived happily ever after. All the best stories end with living forever. Why not ours?

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Wow, way to go on making this tough bird sob her heart out this morning! My goodness me, this is so poignant, heartfelt, and cautionary (the netting, for human cautionary tales only) why do they do that? Why can’t people just clean up after themselves! It’s not like they aren’t aware of the danger to wildlife because of their abject laziness! Gosh it made me so angry. That one moment of laziness from a human could have cost two swans their lives, hers from being trapped his heart broken. I’m so glad you brought it around at the end, I don’t think I could have stood it if one of them had not made it. Your story too should have the happily ever after ending, you just have to want it badly enough, like your swans.
Beautiful, beautiful story Miss Pink. One of your best. šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’Ž

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Thank you so much Gemma. It makes me very sad to see wildlife suffer too.
I do expect a happy ending, I really do, or maybe not even an ending at all. I am trying to accept the reality of my situation though. My body is not holding up very well. I am at peace though. I am now much more worried about Ben than I am about myself. So I am hoping all our friends are prepared to support him.


No! You are not allowed to give up or even give in gracefully Jenna. You are going to fight this tooth and nail until the very last drop of it is eradicated from your body. Nothing else is acceptable! I’m not talking about physically ignoring what you’re dealing with, that would be impossible, I am talking about the mental attitude of I am going to recover, it may take a while, but I will recover and then Ben and I will live the life we are supposed to live. Do not give in to your body’s temporary weakness… please darling girl, please stay strong willed and stubborn. You can beat anything that life throws at you if you want it badly enough. I know you want your life with Ben badly enough, so focus on that. Positive mental attitude can carry you a long way šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–

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I would love to prove my consultant a bare-faced arrogant liar Gemma. Nothing would please me more.
I am strong of spirit, truly I am. I am loved and I am blessed. I could not ask for more. I am only sad because I have not heard from my parents for so long. But I am supported here by the best friends I ever had and the man who has proved to be more patient and loyal and strong than I would ever imagined possible for such a stunning specimen of the male species.
I am strong inside Gemma.


I know darling girl, I do know, I confess I am struggling greatly with the swiftness and the magnitude with which all this has happened to you but I shall fight your corner to the ends of the earth, if I can infuse some of my strength into you then I shall, if I can’t, then I shall support you quietly. I am always here for you my lovely Miss Pink.
Families are those people we draw to ourselves when our own blood relatives don’t live up to expectations. Draw your strength from the love you are surrounded with, it means more and comes from the most genuine of places, choice. They choose to love you, just as I choose to love the person you have shown to me here on these pages. Let them be your strength. I am glad you have your wonderful Ben at your side, and I’m so very relieved to read you feel strong inside. That’s where it counts. I love you girl, I don’t even remember which blog we met on, but I will be forever delighted that we did. šŸ’ŽšŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’Ž


I know you have been a huge support and friend to me throughout my time on WordPress Gemma. I am very glad to have so much encouragement and inspiration from you.
With regards to my health, it seems so pointless to say now, but there were little warning signs that I did not recognize as something to be concerned about. It was only when I injured my back in the spring that I realized something was very wrong. I think my Doctors wasted a lot of time because I was convinced it was an injury from lifting the wrong way. It was only when my other bodily functions were effected that they acted quickly.


It frustrates me beyond measure when I read of a GP overlooking and always going for the simple explanation. I know from my own experiences with my son, there is this tendency in his case, to only look at the known medical issues for the cause of his symptoms each time he has been sick. Every time they do this, they delay treatment and allow the illness/condition to worsen before they run simple all inclusive blood tests. Once that has been done it is usually a very quick journey to discovering what is going on. You are not medical, therefore, any early warning signs would not be noticed by you, why would they? You can only know something when you know it Jenna, we can look back in hindsight and say, ‘oh yes, there was that…’ but really, you were never going to be thinking along the lines of where you ended up. No matter, the present is where we are and that is what we deal with, one day at a time girl, that’s all that has to happen. Just one foot in front of the other until you find yourself on the other side of all this and looking back on it as one hell of a journey.


Yes. Sigh.
I have mixed feelings about it. But I know that when I spoke to my GP on several occasions I was emphasizing the pain in my back. It never crossed my mind to mention other things that to me had no connection. My GP asked me a question I found odd about sex and I was too embarrassed to answer it truthfully. If I had it may have raised alarm bells for him. It was only when I spoke to a friend who works for the NHS that she registered the connection. My physio was also very good at realizing there was more going on than an injury.
I cannot be angry at anyone. When I have been into hospital and the clinic I had my meecrowahvey in – everyone has been tremendously kind – it really really has helped me. I cannot feel any anger towards that level of kindness and tenderness. I really can’t. I have had ups and downs emotionally Gemma, but right now, I just want to feel grateful. It is helping me to keep tight hold of that peace of mind that is so empowering.

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The thing you show me most of all throughout all of your comments is your abiding need to be fair and kind and the peace that brings with it for you. These are the qualities that I admire most in you, your ability to understand and accept people for who they are and move on from them if they are destructive towards you, but without rancour. You strive to maintain healthy relationships with all of the people you meet and that takes a very special kind of strength, not born of anger but born out of kindness. So, know this, I am so very proud to know you and call you my friend because you light up my heart and make me smile when I see your name pop up in my notifications. You spread joy Miss Pink, regardless of what you may be experiencing yourself, you still find the joy. I love you for that. šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–


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