Top Of The Shop And Knock At The Door

Have you seen the 2021 TOP 100 SEXY BLOGGERS? You can find the full list on Molly’s Daily Kiss (although I know some other bloggers have shared the list too):

Molly dedicates a great deal of time and consideration to reviewing the blogs nominated and checking they meet the requirements to qualify for this illustrious list.

Last year, I was amazed to find RASPBERRY RIPPLES in the TOP 100 at Number 99! I still have no idea who nominated me, but it was sweet to be given a place on that list:

So where did RASPBERRY RIPPLES appear in the TOP 100 this year? If you have not already guessed by the bingo-esque title of this post….this year sees RASPBERRY RIPPLES jump up five places to a delightful….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 94.png

…which I am very surprised by because since I have been ill, I do feel as if my general sexiness levels have been declining.

Thank you to whoever nominated my pinkilicious blog for the TOP 100! It means I owe you a very sexilicious celebration dance!!!

I have already seen other bloggers sharing a post about how glad they are to have a little place on the TOP 100 SEXY BLOG list – and why not? As someone one sang:

If you sexy then flaunt it
If you freaky then own it
Don't brag about it, come show me
Come on, dance
Jump on it
If you sexy then flaunt it

Congratulations to all the other bloggers who were listed in Molly’s 2021 TOP 100 SEX BLOGGERS. There are some blogs listed I have never seen before, so I will be visiting to peek your sexy posts.

I am having difficulty with adding the official badge to my footer, but I will keep on trying and will of course be shamelessly flirting with the WordPress tech guys asking them to figure out what the problem seems to be. But in the meantime, if you click this scarlet badge below, it will take you on over to see all the entries on the 2021 TOP 100:

You might notice some of your own favourite bloggers…and do look out for #94 RASPBERRY RIPPLES!!!

11 replies on “Top Of The Shop And Knock At The Door”

If there was any blogger I could think of who is effortlessly sexy it is you Pinkette. My days! you deserve to be in that chart. Don’t even dare question it.


This is so awesome. Yes, you have not been at full speed..but you continue to do amazing writing. Not sure how you do it, but do thank you for it! 💕


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