The pages in my primary menu provide directories of my posts. I divided them into different subjects. There is a page that I was not sure about at all at first. To anybody that knows me personally, perhaps the most unlikely of all directories is the one I called ADVICE:

My personal life has had all the ups and downs and loop-the-loops of your average roller coaster. I am not really qualified to give out advice. Yet, sometimes a writing prompt has motivated me to sit down and think sensibly about a subject and pool together my experiences in life, the lessons I have learnt (mostly through errors) and recall all the great guidance I received from people who truly cared for me.

Ben has told me that some of my best posts are amongst those featured in my directory entitled ADVICE. That surprises me. What surprises me more is that the most popular post on my site was one in which I shared the advice on sex my mom shared with me when I was a teenager. I never expected it to go down so well. In fact, I remember being quite nervous before it was published because I thought some might not like it. But it turns out that my mom’s advice must have registered with quite a few other people. In case you missed it…it was called “My Teenage Years“.

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