Doctor’s Orders

Have you ever had that dream when you can eat whatever you want – cakes and chocolate, fries and pizza, hot dogs and tacos and you still don’t put on any weight? It’s a great dream, but the reality is not so much fun.

It’s official – I can eat eat eat – Doctor’s orders. I need to take in more calories to try to reverse this weight loss. Only…when you are ill, it is genuinely not much fun eating. The loss of desire to eat came on gradually…I think I just started to feel more nauseous, and the nausea lingered and lingered. There were other very undesirable effects of food as my digestive system struggled to break food down and absorb nutrition.

The past few months I have not been able to face strong flavours or spices. My palate has changed and the changes are slightly odd for me. Bland, soft foods are suiting me so much more. To be able to try to increase my calorie intake, little and often is working better than having square meals.

We are living with friends, and at least one meal a day is prepared for us now by our very good friend Noo. Ben makes me smoothies with fruit and vegetables, and he normally looks after our breakfast and lunch, but at weekends Noo will make lunch for us because she is making lunch for her the rest of the household.

There are some foods that I find a lot easier to eat than others. Noo has been finding ways to pack calories into the foods that I am enjoying:

  • cheesy buttery mashed potato (my favourite!)
  • pasta with rich creamy sauces
  • blended soups made with lots of veggies
  • scrambled egg (which I have never liked until now!)
  • both savoury and sweet pies – apparently there are a lot of calories in pastry
  • mousse made with flavours that are not too strong (I am not getting on with chocolate for some reason)
  • cheesecake
  • cake and custard (oh yes!!)

I am so grateful to Noo for her support and loving care. She has taken on board the responsibility for my nutritional intake. Ben is also doing a cracking job of preparing meals. Both of them are just wonderful.

Ben makes sure I drink plenty and when he goes out to stretch his legs a couple of times a day he often comes back with calorific treats. He loves this area. There are lots of artisan bakeries, organic delis and supermarkets – not to mention the wine boutiques (I can’t drink liquor but if Ben wants a glass of wine he is perfectly entitled.)

Noo comes down once a day now and she has made it into a little afternoon tea together. She is a clever lady. She knows that I will put more effort into eating when she is watching me. So she brings a tray down with a fresh pot of tea and cream and sugar and naughty cake. Noo does not have a sweet tooth, but for my sake she will eat cake with me. Fortunately, they are not too sickly sweet because Noo prefers flavours like lime or lemon, or this week her earl grey tea cake was a hit with my tummy.

This is a rather odd situation to be in, and part of me wishes I could make the most of it – hey, being spoilt and told you can eat whatever you want ought to be a dream come true, right? However, more than anything I am just so deeply grateful that I have such a wonderful support network trying to help me so I can maintain a healthy weight and have the strength for what is ahead of me.

5 replies on “Doctor’s Orders”

I lost of weight when I was ill Jenna. I was eating more than I ever had in my life, but still not able to stop the weight loss. Eventually it settled, and gradually I began to put weight back on. It sounds as if you have a lot of support to help you obtain the nutrition you need.


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