Dark Nights And London Lights

It is a little strange spending so much time indoors. It is a dark gloomy time of year. I am in a comfortable place though. This little place is so sweet, and well furnished (Noo has such great taste). I love the lights throughout the property. Every room has lamps and dimmer switches and there is strip lighting under cupboards and drawers and it is just so easy to make an atmosphere.

I had a little walk on Wednesday night when it was dark and very quiet. My body is so feeble, but I had a huge desire to be outside. But with Ben’s support, I walked up the middle of the road we are staying on – and let me explain, the sidewalks here are crazy; there are big trees planted along the sidewalks, and their roots have made the paving stones dangerously bumpy. Plus, there are still autumn leaves all over the pavements. So it was much safer for me to walk on the smooth flat tarmacked road.

We walked up the road towards the high street, and then we turned around and walked back. Ben could have walked there and back in a couple of minutes. It took me about half an hour! On the route back, I always look out for a well known site. You can see on the horizon a red circle glowing brightly against the black sky.

It is the London Eye. We are miles away from it, but because we are on a hill, we can see London lit up in front of us.

I enjoyed my little walk. It was nice to be back in the warmth and coziness of our temporary home though, with its luxurious soft furnishings and sexy lighting rig.

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