Over the past couple of months, I have featured aspects of my blogsite. Recently, I have looked at a page from my primary menu each week. Most of those pages are directories where I have organized the posts I have published on lots of subjects. It can be a little bit of a headache keeping a blog site organized and easy-ish to navigate. Sometimes there is more work to keeping our blogsite easy to use than there is in the creative process of writing a decorating posts. But I think it is very satisfactory when you see your work looking good!

There are still other features from my blog I am going to feature in coming weeks, but this is the last of my directory pages. This page is called FUN:


I guess FUN is pretty self-explanatory! There is fun in lots of other parts of my blog – in my poetry, fiction and musical features. But this directory features a whole bunch of posts that perhaps did not belong in any other menu, but were really refreshing for me to focus on.

I love to pack fun into my life. I have spent so many hours, so many days, so many years of my life devoted to work. Fun has been such an important aspect to balance me out. Ben has brought so much fun to my life. He has this great comic timing and he loves to make me laugh. He is so good at switching off from work stress and making our life upbeat. I love that. He is so good at chilling and creating an atmosphere that is healthy emotionally and mentally. Does that make sense? I guess I am talking about stress. Stress can be healthy in some contexts. Pressure at work keeps things moving, growing, reaching. But when stress becomes anxiety, and drains all of your energy, and detrimental to your wellbeing…you need a way to escape, to refresh, to shake it off!!!

Yes…that’s it…the posts I have listed in my FUN directory are all about shaking it off! I love that they are part of my blog!

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I feel this on the maintenance. I just added a bunch of menus on mine and it took me a while to figure it out while I stubbornly refused to Google a how to.

“It’s technology, damnit! I’m a man!”

Two hours later…

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