He was a high flying, jetting setting. go getting dynamic sort of a man. His ruthless profiteering instincts distinguished him from the ordinary family man. He would stop at nothing to win in the corporate world, outwitting all the competition with clandestine mergers and acquisitions.

He had travelled here in search of peace and relaxation. It was his place to reconnect with nature and indulge himself with rich food and wine, and be pampered by the staff at the luxury spa hotel. For the two weeks, he would not have to lift a finger. He would be waited on hand and foot in return for his generous tips.

Then he saw her wearing his favourite colour….

…if he had hoped for a restful escape from the rat race, he was misled. She was out to conquer and from the moment she laid eyes on his Berluti custom loafers going to wrap him around her little finger. He had not bargained on meeting the most ruthless fortune seeker to grace those pure white sands.

There was no doubt in her mind how this was going to work out. She was going to be queen…and he was going to be slave. “Cha-ching”.

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