Strumming My Pain With His Fingers

My melody maker, my sweet soul shaker – he finds the harmonies that reverberate within me. The lyricist who reaches into his own depths and forms verses that delight my heart and lift my spirits. He strums the chords, they strike the right note, I hold my breath waiting as he pauses, and then…

It is wonderful to be in love with an artist, a composer, a creative force who can shape raw elements into the most soulful work. I lose myself in admiration and intrigue. I am humbled. I have to remind myself not to embarrass myself with too much adulation, like some crazed fan.

Only – he speaks to me – in ways nobody else does. He plays to me a tune that seems to capture the mood I am in. He is sensitive and compassionate. His emotional aptitude – he is a man capable of such deep feelings, such a powerful, talented, thoughtful…I am in awe.

Many times I have felt unworthy. I still do. But that is fine.

I doesn’t change how much I love him.

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