Salon Fantasies

I have had a few dreams over the past few nights that reminded me that it is a long time since I had a hair cut. I have been dreaming about being in the chair, having a junior member of staff at the salon shampoo my hair and massage my scalp.

I have been dreaming that I a stylist is trimming my hair and then blow-drying it and styling it. I would like someone to cut my hair and style it before I start chemotherapy in January. I want to feel a little glamourous. It would be very nice.

There are two options – Ben or Noo. Who do I trust to wield a pair of hairdressing scissors on my golden locks?

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Ben is very nervous of me having any unnecessary contacts Marie, because of this omicron variant. Noo is going to trim my hair and she said she will help me figure out a style to have my hair for a special event next month.

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Boy you have way better dreams than l do. Last night’s dream involved giant baseball sized bumblebees attacking me whilst l sat in a caravan counting used banana skins …. l know right? Like what the EFF??

I woke up this morning screaming ‘Get the damn bee off me it has velcro legs!”

Good luck with the chemo.


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