The Year That Was

I realized that I had not yet started working on any kind of review of 2021. I had to ask myself – is it because I am not in the best situation right now?

I decided to look back at the posts I published around a year ago:



I can see now that I did truly have my head screwed on a year ago. I am glad about that. 2021 has been a mixed year for me. Challenges that I would never have imagined came along…and yet somehow I find myself feeling more blessed than at any point in my life.

I feel as if my health issues have dominated 2021, and it has been an odd journey. I thought it was just an injury…as my pain and mobility declined I had no idea of what investigations would find. So yes, lots of challenges. But I don’t want to dwell on those right now.

The blessings in my life seem to have taken on a deeper value. Ben loves me. He really loves me. I never really doubted it. But for some reason over the past three years, I was always so aware that my gorgeous boyfriend was travelling up and down this country and while away from, I had no idea if other women may set their sights on him. I was always slightly insecure because I am not perfect, and if I was tired or grumpy, it could have increased the temptation of….well, you know.

But this year, Ben has been making it clear how much he loves me. I am so deeply grateful for him.

We are loved. Ben and I are loved by friends who have been willing to support us in various ways over these past few months. We had friends and neighbours who helped me get to my meecrowahvey treatments before Ben was free to take me himself. We have had friends who have allowed us to move into part of their property where we have some space and privacy of our own.

The three years we have spent in the UK were all about earning as much money as we could to be able to move back to the US and buy a place of our own. We now find that our greatest acquisition over the past three years is the wonderful friends we have made. Considering that for almost two years most of our contact with friends has been online and over the phone, it is remarkable that they have rallied around us during this time.

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Sometimes Jenna, the strangest of things can happen, but l can almost guarantee they always happen for a reason. I am pleased that you and Ben are stronger and happy that your friendship and love is seen by your friends too.


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