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In the guide to my RASPBERRY RIPPLES blogsite, I am revealing another page from my primary menu this week. I did not realize, but this is also my home page. So I guess it introduces anyone visiting for the first time to what they can expect from the rest of my site. This week it is all ABOUT ME:

When I first began my blog, I spent a couple of minutes on the ABOUT ME page. But not long after I started to take part with writing prompts, I remember there was a prompt asking us to feature our ABOUT ME page. So, I tried to spend a little more time improving it.

I started out wanting to write erotica my-style. I guess to me erotica has always been about a sensuous side to us. But I know that what makes me happiest and most fulfilled is for erotica and sensuality to have a strong romantic current. That’s me. Not everyone is as fond or romance, but for me, at the end of the day, it is all about love. I am glad to enjoy all the wonderful aspects of love in my life, and when I write about erotic love, it comes from a very happy place. But there is also a fun side to erotica, and I do like a little sprinkling of slap and tickle.

I used my ABOUT ME page to tell you about the novellas I have published on Amazon. I don’t feel as connected to my novellas as I used to. They came out of period when Ben was stuck overseas at the start of the Pandemic, and I was intensely missing him.

I missed out erotic intimacy. We tried to keep the spark alive whilst separated by an enormous distance. It was exciting to write using the burning desires I had for Ben. I guess over the past eighteen months, I have just grown to appreciate that as well as this amazing erotic side to our relationship, the huge emotional connection, the dependence, the respect, the support and loyal love have enriched and strengthened US. Maybe I should change my ABOUT ME page to ABOUT US. At the end of the day, Ben is my greatest inspiration and motivation – both in writing and in life.

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