While I Was Sleeping #8

To help me preserve my emotional health while my physical health is failing, Ben asked me to spend time…

…thinking about all of the things that make me smile, make me happy. He recommended trying to think of things I can enjoy now, even though I am ill, but also things that have added meaning and joy to my life in the past, and things I can daydream about being able to enjoy again in the future.


I want to express my gratitude for:


I am sure I am not the only one who has enjoyed a lifelong romance with books. As a child, I read books full of adventure and play. As a teenager, I discovered romance. Then I explored the classics.

Books are such a wonderful escape. I am having to rest a lot, and reading is a something I am enjoying. I often fall asleep while I am reading, and so it is taking ages to finish the books I have picked out. I am not enjoying reading from Kindle, the glare tires my eyes. So it is all paperbacks at the moment.

Even though I am isolating and spending so much time indoors – whenever I pick up a book, I can travel anywhere I choose, even time-travel. I am so grateful for books at this time.

2 replies on “While I Was Sleeping #8”

Curling up in bed with a real book, beats an E-Reader every time. It is a shame that I could never get into the Chronicles of Barsetshire. It would be nice to say that I enjoyed a good Trollope in bed. 🙂



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