fantasy fiction

Yummy Mummy

ADVISORY NOTE: Content for ADULTS ONLY. Contains explicit references to sexual activity.

“Don’t they look delicious! Would you like to try a bite?”

Gulp! I stared up and saw the generous cleavage behind two pink cupcakes. I sat up properly and swung my feet round onto the floor. As she stood there smiling, I edged forwards so that I was perched on the edge of the sun-lounger. “Yes, they do look lovely. I am not very hungry right now though.”

“Oh come on, how can you resist them? Can’t I even tempt you with a little nibble?”

My insides churned as she said those words. What the hell was she offering? Did she have any idea what she was doing to me. Maddy’s mum was a great baker, and it was not unusual to walk into their front door and find amazing aromas wafting through from the kitchen. But I had also noticed that she had the most beautiful curvaceous breasts I had ever seen in real life. As she held out those cupcakes, I could not keep my eyes off her curves.

“Where’s Maddy? Has she tried them?”

“My daughter and I are close, but we are not that close,” Mrs Peterson giggled, “Maddy has gone on a errand for me with her little brother. I needed some more flour and icing. It’s a twenty minute walk to the grocery store, so they won’t be back for a while.”

“Oh right, I…I erm, well ok. Ok. Well, so if there is a cupcake spare, sure, I would love to try one.”

Mrs Peterson withdrew the hand she had been holding out, “Well you’ll have to come and get it.” She took a few steps backwards and an even bigger smile spread across her face. She winked as she said, “Why don’t we go inside where it’s a little more comfortable?”

As she turned, I felt sick. Was Maddy’s mother flirting with me? This was the most bizarre situation I had ever been in. I felt like such an idiot. All those times I had gazed at her cleavage, she must have known my thoughts. How was I going to get out if this embarrassing pickle?

I heard her voice calling to me, “I’ll be upstairs in my bedroom.”

For another minute, I sat on the sun-lounger wishing the ground would open up and swallow me up. Was I really going to follow her upstairs? I mean, really? Equal measures of terror and desire filled my gut.

My ascent of the stairs was silent. I wanted to turn back so much. But something impelled me to go on up. I knew the master bedroom was on the left. The door was ajar, and I knocked gently. “Come in,” was enough for me to slowly open the door. My heart froze. She was sitting on her bed with her swimsuit peeled down so that her huge breasts were on display.

I could not take my eyes off them. Mrs Peterson beckoned me over to her. I could barely walk. I approached her bed feeling as if I was about to collapse. She told me to sit down, so I did. I had no willpower to resist her.

“Have you and Maddy ever fooled around?” she asked me.

I shook my head firmly, “No, never. Maddy’s just a friend.” That was mostly the truth. I did have a crush on Maddy when I first started hanging out with her, but when I realized Maddy was into Jake Mulligan, I had to get over her and just enjoy being friends.

Maddy and I were great friends and we studied together. So I was often over at Mrs Peterson’s house, and I will admit ever since I had laid eyes on her, I had been having yummy mummy fantasies.

“That’s good. Do you have a girlfriend?”

I shook my head, “I was going out with a girl on holiday, but she lived too far away. I’m not with anyone right now.”

Mrs Peterson was touching her beauties, “Have you ever touched a mature woman’s breasts?”

I had no idea how to reply. I guess the answer was no, but no words came into my throat. I just shook my head.

“Would you like to touch mine?”

After an agonizingly hesitant moment, I reached my hand forward and made first contact. My hand and palm cupped against the outside of her breast. It was so soft and warm. The uneasiness ebbed away and a sense of enjoyment slowly crept in. Mrs Peterson’s face displayed a sweet kindly expression. She turned towards me so that the heel of my palm nudged against her nipple. Her nipple was a rosy pink.

As she gazed at me warmly, I thought I was imagining her words, “Would you like to taste them?”

What followed was the most blissful experience of my life. I started by kneeling beside the bed, and timidly licking her right nipple. It seemed to harden and it became natural to need that nipple along with the surrounding areola deep inside my mouth. My tongue and the roof of my mouth flattened her nipple and I sucked greedily.

After a few minutes on my knees, Mrs Peterson welcomed me to lay besides her on the bed and latch on to her other nipple. As I enjoyed her left nipple, she stroked my face and hair.

We must have been there for almost half an hour when she indicated time was up. I was not going to argue with Maddy’s mum. I stood up and while she rose, and pulled out some underwear and a dress from her closet, I stood with my hands behind my back watching and admiring her. Then she settled herself onto the chaise longue and asked, “Could we do this again sometime?”

“I would love that,” I blurted out without any attempt to hide how pleased I was at her question.

“We would have to work out a convenient time, when Maddy is not here of course. Maddy will be splitting weekends between here and her father’s place all summer. But Daniel is too much for his father’s new girlfriend to cope with. He goes to baseball practice on Saturday morning with the neighbours. I have a couple of hours to myself. Would you like to…?”

“Yes,” I bit my lip, “Yes, I would.”

Mrs Peterson glowed. She held her hands out to me, and I took them and stood closer to her. “You’re very attractive.”

I blushed awkwardly, “Thanks, thank you Mrs Peterson.”

“Oh that’s so formal. Please call me Lydia,” her mellow eyes gazed into mine. She bent her head down and softly brushed her lips against mine. “So next Saturday morning at 9:30am? If you can’t come over, you will call me, won’t you?”

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