Every week, I have been featuring a part of my blog site which you may not have noticed before. The last page in my primary menu is of course my CONTACT page:

Ben has kept a close eye on comments left on my blog and messages received through my CONTACTS page. At first he was not keen at all on strangers being able to contact me. But with his watchful eye, it has been a source of so much joy. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive some very lovely messages from other bloggers, some of whom I have become very close to during my year or so of blogging, and consider them very strong friends.

I never expected the personal connections that have resulted from blogging. One particular blogger who reached out to connect, has become a friend I have been in contact with daily, resulting in a loving, supportive friendship. When I started blogging, I never imagined I would face some of the challenges I have had this year with my health….and I never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that someone who I had never met could become so close and so meaningful in my life.

So…to borrow some very pretty words from the amazing Taylor Swift:

Say you'll remember me
Standin' in a nice dress
Starin' at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
Even if it's just in your
Wildest dreams, ah, ha
Wildest dreams, ah, ha

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