Just Passing Through

Ben and I logged into WordPress last night. Thank you for all of the lovely messages. We appreciate it very much.

Our wedding was perfect. For the most part we were able to keep ourselves to ourselves for a lot of January. But I have been sleeping a lot and just feeling very poorly, so I think Ben needed to connect with our friends.

I am still very tired right now. But with my new secretary Ben, I hope to work on some posts for my blog. We will see. I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the kind words that were left for us.

My husband Ben (I love the sound of that) brought me some camellias from the garden where we are staying. It has really cheered me up. It feels like spring is really on the way.

13 replies on “Just Passing Through”

Congratulations to you and your husband 🧚🏻‍♀️
Looking forward to you showing us more photos of your beautiful Camellias (Chanel’s signature flower 🤗).

Wishing you both strength and support for each other

Best Wishes
Swirly xx


Hey Jenna, good to read you are still doing okay despite sadly the pain you are in. Keep well, keep smiling and hugs to you both.


Good to hear your wedding was perfect, but so sorry to hear you are not doing well, Jenna. Be strong, and take care. I know Ben will be at your side always, so you can lean on him. Love to you both!
~ Marie xox


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