I started the RASPBERRY RIPPLES site because I had been writing fiction. I had just published two novellas (featured in the footnote) and I had lots of ideas for future short stories and novellas.

If you would like to take a look at some of my erotic short stories, here is a list below for you to access some of my fantasy fiction and also creative posts based on my real life. My posts are a mix of dreamy romance and sensual erotica. But there is no violence or scary stuff, but I do like some humour and sauciness. Yet I am not really out to shock anyone – I am all about love and lovers and making love!

The titles that are emboldened – well, they are some of my own personal favourites.

My Lone Swan

My Hero

The Most Romantic Place In The World

Let’s Be Twenty-Two

Just To Hold Your Hand

You Make Me Feel

Sail Away

My Real Life Chris

Our Oasis

A Little Tender Care


A Dark City Street

I’m Listening

Photographing A Movie Star

Smiling Kisses

The Coryphée

You Appeal To The Child Within Me

You Took Me To Paradise

What Would I Bake For You?

Uccello Azzurro E Pettirosso

Please Just Lay Beside Me

Am I Selfish?

I Would Spoil You

If It Makes You Happy…

Our Sunset Drives


Medieval Roleplay

Don’t Let Go

Franco And Claire

Summer Nights

Time Travel Erotica


Peeping Pam

Mystery Man

Pussy Picnic


Now I Know Your Weak Spot

Her Latest Erotic Novella

Aglow With Pink

Our Swing

A Fantasy Date

The Gazebo

The Secret Garden

Blowing A Kiss



Truths And A Lie

Dear Fellow Passenger…

Kirsty’s Aunt

Romance Versus Reality

Nom De Plume

Two Dreamers

Kissing The Bride

Tummy Troubles

Our Weekend Break

Were WE A Figment Of OUR Imagination?

I Love You

Sexual Fantasy

From Platonic To Passionate


Just Friends

My Library Lovers

Let Me Warm You

I Would Have Been Proud To Be Your Girl

Vixen’s Wine Bar

Fairy Take Romances

The New Novella

You And Me

31st October Is Nearly Here!

Draco Dynasty

Dating Horror Story

Dear Diary…I Have Been Mischievous

True Romance

The Mask

A Family Heirloom

Dazzling Him

Western Roleplay

Green Fingered

Missed Connections

Art Teachers

Cosmic Roleplay

Seizing An Opportunity

Ruthless Reflections

Fantasy In A Meadow

Amorous Adventures

Parcel Of Passion

The Token Feminine Toon

Erotic Fantasies

Naughty Neighbours

The Look On His Face

We Agreed To Put It Behind Us

Harold’s New Housekeeper

A Blue Summer Afternoon

Lost Love