A New Year’s Eve Fantasy

Well, I know this cute guy who I’d love to invite To get dressed up and take me out jiving all night Believe me – he would look smoking hot in a tux The fact that he is so distant absolutely sucks Instead I’ll be content with a fantasy date I dream of waltzing in […]


Singing Sex #9

We wanted today to be a fun pick. This year has been a write off for a lot of us. So let’s go out with a riot! If you don’t see the appeal in this raucous, riotous tune, I don’t know what to say. It’s fun! It’s a mad party song. Dance like you’re a […]


Looking Back On 2020

Still scratching my head in wonder at 2020 and wondering if it is all just a bad dream! It’s been a long old year and this might be a long post! For my 2020 recap, I think I am going to start with the bad bits: I started this year with a horrible cold and […]