A Raspberry Ripples Revelation

When I saw the theme for this week was EPIPHANY, my mind began to wonder to occasions in my life when I had a sudden realization – things clicked in my mind – and I changed in a significant way. those lightbulb moments are pivotal in steering the course of your life. To share these […]

fantasy fiction

Sexual Fantasy

It’s Friday night and I have just arrived home from work. I check my answerphone – more profane messages from Phil. I heat up the last portion of cannelloni left in the refrigerator and enjoy it alongside a large glass of wine. That is followed by a soak in a scented bubble bath. Once I […]


Bad Habits – Part 2

There is one more bad habit I want to mention, a habit which has nothing to do with excesses with food or liquor or extremes in exercise or denial. Erotic writing! I actually think the blog has turned into a healthy way for me to exercise my enjoyment of erotic writing. But it can become […]