Song Lyric Sunday

I have been trying to read posts from all the bloggers who have liked and commented on my posts. I noticed that over the last couple of weeks there are all sorts of group blogging activities. I thought I might have a go at some of them as they look as if they bring a […]


Guessing Game

Can you guess what these are? I think some of them are real hard. They are close-ups of pictures we took during our site-seeing around the UK. They are all family-friendly photos. To find out the answers, clink the link at the bottom of the pade for the password protected post. The password is simply […]


Prurient Pastimes

OUR HOBBIES Before I explain our hobbies and pastimes, I am just going to explain that for the past couple of years we have lived a nomadic life. Ben and I have some friends that seem to think we lead some kind of glamorous lifestyle. Normally we travel a lot (because of Ben’s work). But […]